The six-year plan of the General Adminstration

On January 6 the new General Administration of the Congregation published its plan for the General Administration: Mercy, in the footsteps of God. The plan was accompanied by a video of Fr. General, Heiner Wilmer, explaining the program. The plan takes its root in Abraham, who had to “set out” from Ur in Chaldea to the place that God would show him. This “going out” (dehon’s sacristies) is the major thrust Heiner%20at%20prayer-L[1]given the congregation by the Chapter. The letter is their interpretation of the orientation set by the XXIII General Chapter held in May-June of last year. In the letter the leadership outlines its three main options for this “setting out” for the coming six years: (1) in the area of formation, (2) our life with the poor, (3) our new evangelization. It outlines a number of marks of mercy in each of the three areas and in the end asks each of the entities to write to the General Administration before April 4 detailing at least 5 areas in which individual entities have put these priorities in motion among them. (you are invited to read the suggested actions and indicate what our Region has been doing and could possibly do as a first reaction. Let our leadership know what you think.) By the time of the meeting of the major superiors at the end of November, all entities are asked to submit a detailed plan how they see themselves fulfilling the proposals of the General Administration. I have asked Fr. Stephen Huffstetter to present the program to us at our assembly in August. We can then also discuss together with him how we might follow this path of “setting out” with Abraham.

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