Dehonian Publications

The Centro Studi Dehoniani (CSD – Dehonian Study Center) in Rome is in the process of publishing  two new volumes of ‘Studia Dehoniana’. These are the nº 60 and 61 in this series of studies and are intitled:

  1. Number 60: Seminario pastorale dehoniano “Missio Cordis” (about 300 p.)

This volume includes the papers presented at the theological conference in Brusque, Brazil, in 2010.

2.  Number 61: Seminario teologico “Anthropologia Cordis” (about 490 p.)

This includes the introductory papers circulated prior to the seminar and the excellent conference of Professor Balzani, interviews  and summary of the theological seminar held in Taubaté, Brazil, in February 2014.

There are the contributions and discussions held in these two theological meetings. The texts are in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

The Region has asked for copies of the two volumes for each of the communities. They will be sent to your communities as soon as they arrive.

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