Regional Council meeting in Hales Corners

Since we met with our U.S.A. council on May 2, we decided that we could meet with our own council the day after, freeing the members an extra journey. The council last met in Ottawa on March 30. There were a number of items for our consideration that presented themselves in the month of April. Here are some of them.


Séminaire du Sacré Coeur

In a meeting of the Conseil d’Administration of the Séminaire du Sacré Coeur on April 29, with the participation of p. Maurice Légaré and p. John van den Hengel, the Conseil decided to end the contract of the Directress of the school and begin the search for a new leadership. Mme Crevier had been at the school for two years.

Arrival of Louis-Marie Butari

Just before Easter the Montréal community learned that the visa for Louis-Marie Butari of the Congolese Province had been granted and that he would be arriving almost immediately. Louis-Marie will be working at the pastoral unit of Visitation, Saints-Martyrs- Canadiens, and Marie-Claret. We welcome him and hope that he can make Canada and our community in Montréal his new home.

Discussion with the Archdiocese of Montréal

On May 10 John van den Hengel, Louis-Marie Butari and Claude Bedard will meet with mgr Roger Dufresne, In charge of the office du personnel of the Archdiocese, first of all to present Louis-Marie to the Archdiocese and to discuss a possible expansion of our ministry in Montréal. It has been our desire for a number of years to attach a pastoral ministry to the community in Montréal.

Consultation regarding the position of superior

The term of office of Claude Bédard as superior of the house in Montréal will end on August 2, 2016. The Regional Superior will send a letter to the community to begin the consultation for a new superior. It is hoped that at the July 6th meeting of Council it will be possible to appoint a new superior for the community. Claude has been superior of the community first for nine years, then he accepted to be administrator of the community for one year. He was reappointed in 2013 as superior for an additional three years.


Agreement with the Archdiocese regarding St. Thomas More parish

In 2013 the community signed an agreement with the Archdiocese of Toronto to assume the responsibility of St. Thomas More parish in Scarborough. The agreement was for three years. The Region will enter into discussions with the Archdiocese to extend the agreement.

Superior of the Toronto Community

Also the position of superior of the Toronto Community, held at this moment by p. James Casper, requires a new mandate. The community will receive a letter from the Regional Superior to initiate the process. The Regional Council asks that this consultation process be completed by July 6 so that a new superior may be appointed at the Council meeting on that day.


Feast of the Sacred Heart 

The Ottawa Community will once again sponsor the celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart by inviting all the members of the region to a Holy Hour on Wednesday June 1 and a Eucharist on Thursday June 2. By celebrating the Feast a day earlier, the members will be able to return to their communities and respective parishes and offer the celebration to their parishioners. The Ottawa community will be sending out an invitation with the necessary information soon.

Superior of the Ottawa community  

A consultation will be organized also in the Ottawa community for the appointment of a new superior of the community. The position is held currently by p. William Marrevee. Also for Ottawa, the council asks that the consultation will begin as soon as possible in order to allow the council to make the appointment at their July 6 meeting in Montréal.

The meeting with the U.S.A. Council

The meeting held on May 1 at the Provincialate Offices in Hales Corners was much appreciated because it confirmed to what extent the U.S. and Canada have been cooperating in the past years. You can read a narrative of the meeting elsewhere in the blog. Thanks, Mary Gorski! The next meeting of the councils will be held at St. Thomas More parish in Scarborough on October 18, 2016.


Report of the Financial Committee

The Finance Committee met on February 17 at Sacred Heart House in Toronto. Since this was their first official meeting, the committee discussed at length how they would fulfill their mandate. The committee had received two requests from the Council for financial support of some projects.

Investment in Presentation Manor. Eight religious communities in the Toronto area have agreed to participate in a joint venture to build a seniors’ residence. The participation is by way of an investment in the project, with a possible return of 5 %. The Finance committee proposed a participation of $ 500,000. Council accepted.

Support of students. The Region has received a request to help defray the educational costs of some Congolese confreres studying in Ngoya in Cameroon. The Finance Committee suggested a $ 20,000 contribution. Council allocated the funds to the Cameroonian province.

Annual report

Maurice Légaré indicated that the Annual Financial Report would be completed by May 31. It will be reviewed and discussed at the June meeting of the Finance Committee. Council will discuss it at their July 6th meeting and it will then be presented at the Annual Assembly in Montréal in August.

The next meeting of the Regional Council will be held on July 6 in Montréal.

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