Peter McKenna at Martha Retreat Centre

From May 07 to May 14 Peter McKenna facilitated a six day silent guided retreat at the Martha Retreat Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The retreat was a journey in life resembling the early disciples’ experience on the road to Emmaus. They tasted the richness of Jesus’ teaching, were buoyed up by following him, then felt let down and dismayed by the events which followed. During this retreat participants were invited to uncover how their faith can lead to newness of life emerging from losses or from any kind of transition or change.

Although Peter has preached/facilitated retreats in Canada and the United States, this was the first time he was at the Martha Retreat Centre in Lethbridge. However, Jim Brackin, SCJ of our US Province has previously led retreats here and flowing out of how well Jim’s presence was received Peter experienced overwhelming hospitality.

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