New superiors installed

Fr. Gustave (Montréal), Fr. Aegi (Toronto)and Fr. Paul (Ottawa) are installed as the superiors of their communities.

Fr. Gustave (Montréal), Fr. Aegi (Toronto)and Fr. Paul (Ottawa) are installed as the superiors of their communities.

The three superiors of our communities were all changed in the month of August. On August 1 the community of Toronto met to install Aegidius Warsito as the new superior of the community. Aegi has been part of the Toronto community for ten years and he has gained the trust of the community. It is good to see how the Toronto community has coalesced around him.

In Montréal with the knowledge that Gustave Lulendo would come to Montréal to be part of the new pastoral ministry of the Unité pastoral de Visitation, the advice of the community to the Regional Administration for a new superior was quickly made. On August 11 shortly after his return from a visit to his family in Congo, Gustave was installed as the new superior of the Montréal community. With the beginning of the new ministry at the Unité pastoral on September 1, there will be quite a shift of new energy for the community.

Fr. Aegi (right) during his installation in Toronto

Fr. Aegi (right) during his installation in Toronto

Also in Ottawa there was a change of leadership. Paul Tennyson, who at one point was the superior of the Toronto regional community, was asked to lead the community in this time of transition. There have been a number of significant changes in the community. Bill Marrevee who turned 80 on July 5 has been asked to retire from his ministry in Chelsea and Cantley by the Archdiocese. Although he will still engage in ministry for the foreseeable future in the Gatineau diocese, he is “retired” by the Bishop from active ministry. And Gregory Murray will leave Resurrection parish on August 31 after 12 years and begin to work as an assistant in Good Shepherd parish as well as engaging in the vocation ministry of the Region. A few months ago it seemed as if there would only be four SCJ members living in the community, now suddenly it appears as if the house will be almost completely occupied during this next year. When he completes his ministry at Resurrection parish, Gregory Murray will be moving to the house at 192 Daly Ave. Also Paul Tennyson, as superior, will move into the community house. And in the new year there will be a new Congolese student, who will also take up residence.

The change of superiors coincided with the introduction of the ten-year plan of the Region. It was experienced as a real energy boost for the Region. New leadership in communities can do that!

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