Activity of the General Administration

The following is from Fr. Pedro Iglesias Curto, SCJ, secretary general:

Dear Confreres,

 In these early days of the start of my duties as secretary general, successor to Fr. Florentinus Heru Ismadi –  whom I need to thank for the help and assistance he gave me during this initial period of service to the Congregation.  This presentation to you of a new communiqué covering the activities of the general council is my first official act in my new capacity.

The first several months of 2016 have been busy for the General Council which has just completed its first year of work.

The effort made to get to know each other and to organize their various activities and tasks has been intense but gratifying. Now that more than a year has passed since the General Chapter, it can be said that the harmony among the councilors is excellent.

The first visits to entities have been completed and others will begin in the weeks and months to come.

The work of preparing for the several international meetings that will take place in Rome from the end of this year and the beginning of the next is already under way. The following international meetings have already been officially convoked:

                  Meeting of the SCJ Major Superiors: from November 26 to December 2, 2016;

                  Meeting of the SCJ entity secretaries: from December 1 to December 7, 2016;

                  Meeting of Communications Directors: from January 3 to January 6, 2017;

                  Meeting of Dehonian bishops: from January 18 to January 23, 2018. 

Since the last time a communiqué was sent, several appointments have been made over the last several months both in the General Curia as well as in the various entities. These we inform you about in a detailed report which follows.

  1. General Curia and International College

Decisions and Appointments

During the course of several Fall and Spring meetings of the General Council, the Superior General with his Council has named several confreres to offices of service to the General curia as listed below:

–      session: Dec. 2, 2015: Fr. Józef Golonka (POL) re-appointed to his duty as General Archivist for another three-year term (cf. Prot. N. P2015/0541);

–      session: Dec. 11, 2015: Fr. Tomasz Flak was appointed as assistant to the General Treasurer (cf. Prot. N. P2015/0544);

–      session: Dec. 16, 2015: the following were appointed to the General Finance Commission:

+ Zottoli, Luca (general treasurer); + Back, Lorival João (BSP);+ Engoulou Tabi, Emile (CMR);+ Hemken, Gerhard (GER);+ Nagel, David (USA);+ Sapta Dwi Handoko, Alexander (INA);+ Valdezate Soto, Jesús (ESP – secretary).

–      session:  April 12, 2016: Fr. Pedro Iglesias Curto (ESP) was appointed secretary general of the congregation. His term begins on August 1, 2016 (cf. Prot. N. P2016/0127).

–      sessionMay 4, 2016: Fr. Zeferino Policarpo Ferreira (POR) was appointed as coordinator of the Formation sector (cf. Prot. N. P2016/0181).

–      session: June 6, 2016; Fr. Celson Altenhofen (BSP) and Célestin Tshimbundo Mukwende (RDC) were appointed, respectively, general procurator (Prot. N. P2016/0229) and assistant general procurator (cf. Prot. N. P2016/0230). Their terms begin on September 1, 2016.  At the same session, the committee for the Cause for Beatification of Fr. Dehon was established (cf. Prot. N. P2016/0231), composed of the following:

+ Rodríguez Garrapucho, Fernando (ESP);+ Altenhofen, Celson (BSP)+ Tshimbundi Mukwende, Célestin (RDC);+ Arnaiz Ecker, Juan José (ESP).

–      session: June 27, 2016: Fr. Bruno Pilati (ITS) was appointed superior of the community of Rome II. His term will begin on September 1, 2016 (cf. Prot. N. P2016/0288).

  1. SCJ Entities

Elections and Appointments


Appointment of the Provincial Administration:

Provincial Superior:                            Fr. Swiech, Wieslaw Jozef (1° tr. 07.11.2015)

1° Councilor and Prov. Vicar.:           Fr. Knopik, Slawomir
2° Councilor:                                  Fr. Paluch, Krzysztof
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Poleszak, Leszek
4° Councilor:                                     Fr. Napora, Krzysztof


Appointment of the Regional Administration:

Regional Superior:                              Fr. Van Den Hengel, John (1° tr. 16.11.2015)
1° Councilor:                                     Fr. Woodbury, Richard
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Tennyson, Paul
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Warsito, Aegidius


Confirmation of District Administration:

District Superior:                                Fr. Figueira, José Angelo (1° tr. 19.11.2015)
1° Councilor:                                     Fr. Ramos, Carlos José
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Santos, Elinauro
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Venzon, Eugenio


Appointment of the Provincial Administration:

Provincial Superior:                            Fr. Lau, Heinrich (1° tr. 01.12.2015)
1° Councilor:                                     Fr. Flatau, Konrad
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Auth, Marcio Antonio
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Monch, Markus
4° Councilor:                                     Fr. dos Anjos Ferreira, Levi


Appointment of the Provincial Administration:

Provincial Superior:                            Fr. Li Mesías, Johnny Esteban (2° tr. 01.01.2016)
1° Councilor:                                     Fr. Cuevas Jara, Cristián Raúl
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Braun, Julián
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Leemrijse, Herman
4° Councilor:                                     Fr. Torres Santibañez, Jorge


Appointment of the Regional Administration:

Regional Superior:                             Fr. Yvon, Mathieu (1° tr. 01.01.2016)
1° Councilor:                                      Fr. Gaspar Rodrigues, Alvaro
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Ramaro Fanomezana, Jean Léonard
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Rodrigues Dinis, Luís Alberto
4° Councilor:                                     Fr. Raveloson, Roland Marie-Noël
Treasurer:                                                       Fr. Sardini, Stefano*

* Confirmed by the General Administration in a session held on July 6, 2016


Appointment of the Regional Administration:

Regional Superior:                             Fr. Iglesias Benito, Alejandro (1° tr. 14.01.2016)
1° Councilor:                                     Fr. Quintero Figueroa, Alexander Manuel
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Suarez Codorniu, Carlos Luis
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Yepez Barreto, Juan Manuel


Appointment of the Provincial Administration:

Provincial Superior:                            Fr. Sapta Dwi Handoko, Alexander (1° tr. 15.07.2016)
1° Councilor:                                     Fr. Waris Widodo, Titus
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Sunardi, Yulius
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Kusmaryadi, Fransiskus Xaverius
4° Councilor:                                      Fr. Pujowiyanto, Pius


Appointiment of the District Administration:

District Superior:                                Fr. Tran, Francis-Vu (1° tr. 12.08.2016)
1° Councilor:                                     Fr. Tran Quoc Phong, John Baptist
2° Councilor:                                     Fr. Tran Duc Thai, Francis Xavier
3° Councilor:                                     Fr. Nguyen Cao Dung, Vincent

  1. Canonical Erections and Suppressions and Other Decisions

– Canonical suppression of the District of URU as of August 11, 2016.

– Canonical erection of the Territorial Community of URU dependent on the ARG province as of August 12, 2016.

– By decree of the superior general the Canonical erection has been established for the community: + Vasai (IND) – date: March 31, 2016.

– The superior general has, additionally, authorized the following changes:

+ Transfer of the ITS novitiate to the house at Modena and the appoint of Fr. Giuliano Stenico as novice master pro hac vice;

+ Transfer of the ESP novitiate to the house at Alba de Tormes;

+ Transfer of the ARG provincialate to the house of Buenos Aires II;

+ Transfer of the RSA provincialate to the house at Johannesburg;

+ Transfer of the MAD regional headquarters to a new house to be built at Antananarivo I.

+ Change of end of term date of the provincial administration of RSA from August 30, 2016 to February 2, 2017.

  1. Personnel Transfers

The following members have had their juridical connections changed:

–      Fr. Francis-Vu Tran from the USA province to the VIE District;

–      Fr. Demetrius Cavalcanti de Oliveira from the GER province to the BSP Province;

–      Fr. Józef Furczoń from the EUF province to the POL province;

–      Fr. Giuseppe Potenza from the MAD region to the ITM province;

–      Fr. Manuel Antonio de Gouveia R. Jardim from the MAD region to the POR province;

–      Fr. Zbigniew Chwaja from the RSA province to the POL province;

–      Fr. Andrzej Sudoł from the PHI region to the USA province;

–      Fr. José Benedito de Moraes Machado from the PHI region to the BSP province;

–      Fr. Jean Paul Labou from the ANG district to the CMR province;

–  Fr. Bernard Groux from the CMR province to the EUF province;

–  Fr. Jerzy Sędzik from the CMR province to the EUF province.

I finish by trusting in your prayers and affection with the certainty that the grace of the Heart of Jesus will always be with us as we walk and work together in the service we perform for our congregation.

In the Heart of Jesus,

Fr. Pedro Iglesias Curto, scj
Secretary General

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