Doug Finbow defends his doctoral thesis

20170412_145243_resizedOn April 12 Doug Finbow, a former member of our Region, successfully defended his doctoral thesis in sacred Scripture entitled: The Wisdom of the Scribe: a socio-rhetorical and theological interpretation of Sirach 38:24-39:11, at  St. Paul University. The thesis was on a small segment of the Book of Sirach dealing with the scribe and his privilege to study Torah. It was a text whose origin is estimated to be Alexandria in Egypt in the second century BCE. The defense was wonderful, a great back and forth. Doug still works at Sacred Heart in Peterborough. Deidre, his wife, works as an assistant to the bishop of Peterborough. In the picture is Doug with Deidre, his wife and Prof. Andrea Spatafora, his thesis director.

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