Developing a congregational communications strategy

Fr. Radek Warenda, vice secretary general and chairperson of the newly developed International Communications Commission

Fr. Heiner Wilmer, superior general, recently sent a letter to the major superiors of the congregation regarding the general administration’s efforts in developing a communications strategy for the Priests of the Sacred Heart, or as we have come to be known in many areas of the world: “Dehonians.”

“As has been mentioned in the Programmatic Letter, we are going to call special attention
to communication in our Congregation to be more faithful to Fr. Dehon’s example and respond to our real needs and the needs of people who we serve,” began Fr. Heiner. “With this letter, I would like to present you the steps that we have already done and which need to be done.”

He goes on to write about the implementation of a common name for the congregation and a newly developed Mission Statement.

The letter is currently available in English, Italian and Portuguese. Click on the desired language below:

English       Italian      Portuguese

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