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  • Philippines  On June 2, it was the 18th anniversary of the Kasanag Foundation in the Philippines. This is a social project of the Philippine Region in Cagayan de Oro. On June 2 after the Eucharist presided over by Fr. Donald Longno scj. there was an art exhibit and a cultural presentation of the women who live there. It was followed by a meal.  The Kasanag Daughters receive protection and rehabilitation because many are victims of violence and sexual abuse. The Foundation was started by Fr. Eduardo Aguero scj. At this moment, there are 24 young women there between the ages of 7 and 16. In the 18 years of its existence the Foundation has assisted 190 women and girls.
  • Spain The Spanish Province has an initiative named “Church for decent work”. It is a communal gathering place for those who are convinced of the necessity for worthy work. You can follow their project on the internet at The group is planning a celebration for October 7, the world day for valued work.
  • Spain The Spanish Province also launched a site for the Dehonian Family. The Province is planning a national meeting of the Dehonian Family for February 25, 2018. The Spanish branch of the Dehonian Family is quite varied consisting of religious, lay people, youth, volunteers, benefactors, missionaries and many teachers. All seek to follow the Dehonian spirituality, convinced as they are of the value of the mission of Fr. Dehon.
  • India  On June 12 a new District Superior and council were installed in India. The new district superior is Fr. Macqueen Winston Savio and his councillors are Michael Augustin Moses, Matwe Lilan Vadassay, Jesus Manuel Baene Valbuena and Joseph Kasmir.
  • Poland  On June 14 the Polish Province was represented at the exhibit “SacroExpo”. This year is the 70 anniversary of the foundation of the congregation in Poland. THe province has made use of the exhibit as a showcase of the province’s activities. In this context there are exhibits on Profeto, the publishing house in Krakow, the project “Talent”, a group of national missionaries, and the Polish work with youth.
  • Latin America  In Buenos Aires the representatives of the Latin American “Justitita et Pax” group met on June 17. The meeting took as its theme one of the slogans of the last General Chapter: “Merciful in community with the poor”. It touched on some of the most pressing social issues in Latin America such as the ecology, the negative aspects of economic development policies and projects, abuse of water resources, migration, sex trade, prostitution, transsexual persons, work and unemployment. The Provincial Fr. Lampa opened the meeting. Bishop Virginio Bressanelli spoke on the theme of “The ecological, social and economic impact of mining; the problem of water and its effect on life in Pantagonia.” The theme came close to the heart of BIshop Bressanelli during his ministry in this area when he first became bishop.
  • EUF  On June 20 a new Provincial administration took office in Europe francophone. The Provincial for a third term will be Fr. Jean-Jacques Flamang and his councillors will be Fr. André Conrath, Joseph Claude Siebenaler, Stanislaw Wavro and Antonio Tejado Chamorro.


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