A publication of Fr. Heiner Wilmer

In between his travels as Superior General, especially his visit to the provinces and entities of Africa, Fr. Heiner Wilmer found time to write a book. The book, not surprisingly, has a clear African connection. After his foray into the life of Abraham in his first year of his office who also at one moment fled to Africa, he now has explored the life of another  major figure with an African background: the personality of Moses. It carries the title Hunger nach Freiheit (Hunger for Freedom). It is published by Herder in Freibourg.  The events of the life of Moses is throughout juxtaposed with Fr. Heiner’s  own experiences, especially his experiences of his recent20180321_185631 (002) travels through the African countries of Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Chad, Mozambique and Madagascar.  These voyages through Africa left a deep impression on him. To deal with these experiences, he calls on Moses to serve as a key to interpret his own life. The style of this book is similar to a book he published in 2013: Gott is nicht net (God is not nice), very personal, constantly in dialogue with the God who is entangled in our life. In this way this is a very post-modern account. It is a deeply moving book.

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