Fr. Dehon’s patrimony

On March 14, Fr. Stefan Tertünte, the Director of Centro Studi in Rome  gave presentation entitled “Truly, he gave away everything.” In it he spoke about the financial patrimony of Fr. Dehon.  And it is true. Fr. Dehon gave away everything of his patrimony to the works of the congregation. It began with the Collège Saint-Jean. All through his life he dipped into his own patrimony to support new ventures. Giuseppe Manzoni, the biographer of Leo Dehon, has calculated that in total Fr. Dehon gave away around 800.000 French Francs. In current money that adds up to about $ 4.500.000. At the end of his life, Fr. Dehon told his family that they should not expect anything from him. His niece responded that “Your work was worth more to the honour of the family and to obtain divine grace than your patrimony.”

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