Preparing for a Regional Chapter

With the appointment of the Superior General as Bishop of Hildesheim, the Congregation will need to hold not only an extraordinary General Chapter but also a Regional Chapter. On April 12 in a telephone conversation with Fr. Stephen Huffstetter,  our General Councillor,  I was told that the General Chapter will be held in Rome starting on Saturday July 14 and ending on July 27. As these were the original dates for the General Conference to be held in the Philippines, it means that the General Conference has been cancelled. In order to prepare this General Chapter each Province, Region and District are expected to hold their own chapters for the selection of delegates. The General Council has decided that these chapters need to be completed by June 15. Since the Region will gather for the Feast of the Sacred Heart in Ottawa, the Region will hold its chapter, if possible, on Wednesday, June 6. Since the letter of convocation has not yet been sent, it is not quite clear yet whether any additional topics outside of the election of a new administration will be on the agenda of the General Chapter. We will await the formal letter of convocation to determine whether more time is required for the Regional Chapter.

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