Regional Chapter in Ottawa

It is probably the shortest Regional Chapter ever. Because of the nomination of Fr. Heiner Wilmer, our Superior General, as bishop of Hildesheim, the Congregation was compelled to hold a General Chapter this year, and because of the General Chapter in Rome in July also prior to July chapters in all of the entities of the Congregation. The Region therefore extended the usual gathering for the feast of the Sacred Heart a few extra hours in order to hold a Regional Chapter. It was held on Wednesday, June 6 in Ottawa. 19 members participated. Outside of the regular provisions for a chapter, the dsc_0387choice of a scrutineer and secretary, the chapter consisted in a discussion on the state of the Region, the vote to insert the procedures for responding to sexual harassment and to allegations of child abuse into the Regional Directory, and the election of a delegate (and substitute) to the General Chapter. In the election of a delegate the choice fell on Gustave Lulendo and Elie Muzungu as the substitute.  The minutes of the Chapter will be published in the near future. They will also contain the introductory words of the Regional Superior.

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