Regional Council January 16, 2019

Right after the installation of a new Regional Administration on January 16, the new council met to take the first steps in setting an agenda for the next three years. Most of the meeting consisted in appointments and in the structuring of the committees of the Region.

  1. Council of the Region: Fr. Richard Woodbury was appointed as Vice Regional Superior and John van den Hengel as the secretary of the council. The Bursar of the Region will be appointed after a consultation of the Region.
  2.  Communications: A communications strategy will be developed before the next meeting of council to determine the method of communication of the Region. John van den Hengel was asked to continue to write the blog of the Region.
  3. Other committees: The membership of the other committees and the two foundations (Prêtres du Sacré-Coeur, Inc. and SCJ Canada Foundation) will be made known after the Regional Superior has contacted the members.

Local Superiors: The appointment of  the local superiors of the three communities needs to be take place during this year. The most urgent will be the Montréal community whose superior has just been installed as the Regional Superior. Gustave Lulendo will begin a discussion in the Montréal community as soon as possible.

NORAM meeting: The next meeting of the council of North America, it was suggested, will be held on April 24. Gustave will contact the US Province whether this date is suitable.

Council meetings: Gustave proposed to have council meetings every two months. The next meeting will be in Montréal on February 26.


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