Migration committee meets in Montreal

On Saturday April 13, Claude Bédard, Lily Ooi and Peter McKenna who were recently appointed as the members of the Immigration Committee of the Region of Canada by Gustave Lulendo and members of his council met in Montréal. It was a time to “get to know each other”, revisit not only the work of the North American Migration Committee of which they are also now members, but also to explore possibilities for how to accompany and join with the members of the three local communities of Canada in their response to what refugees are experiencing.

The committee will next meet on July 13 to continue the discussion of the Canadian reality and then on September 23/24 meet with the other members of the North American Migration Committee to continue to explore how Dehonians in North America can respond collaboratively and collectively in their own context. This first meeting was full of lots and lots of spontaneous sharing, dreaming of possibilities and yet focused with our eyes and hearts on heaven and our feet on the ground.

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