His way is my way: vocation committee

In the presentation on the vocation ministry, Fr. Antonio Resende Pereira told the Toronto Community that he would be using the video presentation of the General Administration’s program for his vocation ministry. It can be found on YouTube at https://bit.ly/2T8sQRo.

Fr. Antonio recalled the words of Fr. Levi Ferreira, the member of the General council: “It reminds us that Jesus is not only our way, but He walks with us. We know that there are many paths and that we can choose which one to follow. But He alone has the words of eternal life (Jn 6:68) and we want Him to be not only the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6), but also our Way!

“The disciples on the way to Emmaus walked disappointedly, and almost forgot what they had lived with the Master in Palestine. But there was still something burning inside them. And when they heard the voice of that stranger walking with them, the ancient flame that had never gone out was rekindled As we make our way, may our hearts remain restless and burning!”

The bonus of the video is the presence of Fr. Gustave Lulendo in the video. At the November 2019 meeting of the Major Superiors in Rome, each major superior was asked to submit photos of himself.

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