p. Gustave Lulendo: Regional Superior

gustave-and-sup-gen-sm[1]Le Supérieur Général, Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú, a nommé le p. Gustave Lulendo N’dotoni Supérieur Régional du Canada. Le premier triennat commencera le 16 janvier 2019.

Our congratulations to p. Gustave and we wish him a fruitful ministry in our Region. His ministry will begin on January 16, 2019.

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Regional Council meets in Toronto

The Regional Council met for its final meeting of this present administration on November 8, 2018. The following items were discussed:

Invitation from the USA Province

Ed Kilianski, the Provincial Superior of the USA Province,  has invited the members of the Region of Canada to participate in their Province Assembly of next year. The main topic of the assembly will be a discussion of interculturality. It will give the US Province and the Canadian Region an opportunity to discuss together how we live and experience the presence and shared ministry with members of other countries. To help us in the discussion, the USA Province has invited Anthony Gittens, from Manchester, United Kingdom, who in 2017 published a book entitled Living Mission Interculturally lead the discussion. Council gratefully accepted the invitation, and hopes that many of the Region’s members will attend. The Assembly will be at the Provincial Offices in Hales Corners from June 10 to 14, 2019.

News from the communities

Montreal: The community is still mourning the loss of three members in the last year and a half. The deaths of Luc Coursol, Rein van Leeuwen and Walter van As has affected the community deeply. That comes together with the health issues of both Claude Bédard and Maurice Légaré. It has led to the appointment of Dieudonné Tchouteu and Gustave Lulendo as the local bursars. With regard to the Unité pastoral, the interim period for the pastoral team has ended and Fr. Louis Marie Butari has been accepted as the administrator by the Archdiocese of Montréal.

Ottawa: The addition of Fr. Paulin Makiala to the community has been a very welcome. He has been registered in the Conflict Studies program at Saint Paul University, which, as he has said a number of times, has given him a lot of material to read and digest. He has written his first papers. His downtime has been the participation in the Congolese community in Ottawa and his passion to keep the property at 192 Daly Ave in pristine condition. The twelve paper bags with leaves await the attention of the garbage collector.

Toronto: The new vibrancy of the Toronto community was witnessed by all during the Fall assembly of the Region in Kingston. The presence of Thoan and Hung has shifted the energy of the community. Thoan and Hung are still living at 58 High Park. They will move to the rectory of St. Thomas More as soon as the repairs to the garage and the rectory are completed. They have begun to form part of the ministry of the parish by assuming the RCIA program which at this time counts 17 participants. They are also helping the Vietnamese parish in Toronto with their catechism program.

Appointment of an interim bursar

With the illness of Maurice Légaré and his inability to complete the work of the bursar’s office, council has appointed Paul Tennyson as the interim bursar. It means that the bursar’s office will be moving from Montréal to Ottawa. The appointment is an interim appointment, valid until the new administration will be in place. Until further notice all communication about financial matters should be addressed to Paul Tennyson at 192 Daly Avenue in Ottawa (paultennyson@rogers.com). In the near future, Paul will send to the communities a new format for reporting using Excel. It will make the reporting using an electronic form which will allow the making of the annual report of the Region much easier.

Request from the District of Vietnam: 

In 2018 we have accepted some members of the Vietnam District to obtain part of their formation in Canada. In the Spring of 2018 the community of Ottawa hosted Phi and Canh so that they could take ESL in the Ottawa Separate School Board. In Toronto two scholastics Thoan and Hung have begun their pastoral year working with the Pastoral Team of St. Thomas More parish. The Region has accepted that four more students will take part in the ESL program in Ottawa in 2019 and Luan Do will come to Toronto to do theology there, joining Thoan and Hung.


In the past three years the Region has been much involved to help the Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur administration with setting up a new council of administration and to revamp the Fondation of the Séminaire. During this time we offered the Séminaire the financial resources to make possible a more full-time pastoral service at the school. During the fall this has led to the appointment of Robert Laurin as the chaplain by the conseil d’administration. He has already commissioned a piece of art from Fr. Herman (picture included)20181107_085907

Becoming Neighbours

Peter McKenna gave the council a report on the ministry of Becoming Neighbours and on the Migration Commission. In the week prior to the meeting the Toronto Community had helped Peter to move from the premises of Scarborough Foreign Missions’ property to the new Presentation Manor. Council expressed its deepest gratitude to Fr. Peter for his work and the energy that he brings to it.

New administration

Since it is no longer possible to have the new administration take office on the official date of the transfer, it was decided to ask the General Administration to move the date of the inception of the new administration of the Region from November 17 to January 16.


Because this was the last meeting of the council for this administration, the council members commemorated this event by going out for supper at Domani. The council did a review of the last three years and tallied up the achievements, but also the missed opportunities. A special reference was made to the ten-year plan that the council put in place in its first year.




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Funeral service for père Walter van As

IMG-20181011-WA0000On October 11, the community gathered with a large number of former parishioners and friends to say adieu to père Walter van As. It was a worthy farewell, presided over by Fr. John van den Hengel. The homilist was Fr. Claude Bédard. We were happy to welcome as well Bishop Pierre Morissette, bishop of Saint Jérôme.  Walter died on Saturday October 6 in Montréal.



Here are some pictures of the funeral in Notre Dame du Sept-Douleurs in Grenville.




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Père Walter Van As dies

Walter 2On Saturday morning, October 6, père Walter, the oldest scj member in Canada died in Fleury hospital in Montréal. Walter reached the age of 95 after 76 years of religious life. Walter spent the last years of his life in our community house in Montréal, made possible through the attention of Samuel, his personal care giver, and of all the members of the community. The arrangement made it possible for Walter to complete his life in the midst of a community.

Père Walter was a welcoming presence in the community.  He was born in The Hague, the Netherlands on August 8, 1923. He joined the community in 1943, making his first vows in 1944, during the war years in the Netherlands. He came to Canada in 1951 and during his first years in Montréal he obtained a Baccalaureate in Pedagogy to prepare him for teaching at the Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur in Pointe-au- Chêne. After a stint of teaching he became pastor in Kilmer-Harrington, Grenville and Brownsburg. The last years of his life he lived among his confreres in Montréal, where he is remembered for his lively conversations with Jesus in the chapel, where he sometimes complained to Jesus that he was forgetting him.

Walter will be remembered in a Eucharist at Grenville on Thursday, October 11. He will be buried in the community plot of the cemetery in Grenville. May he rest in peace.

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The Kingston Assembly: October 1 – 3

IMG-20181002-WA0015Although already a Regional Chapter was celebrated on June 6, the Region felt it was appropriate to meet once again from October 1 – 3 in assembly in Kingston at the Providence Spirituality Centre. There was no topic that made it urgent to meet and yet it was very beneficial. The Region is at the end of an administration and it was worthwhile to explore where it finds itself today. It wasconsidered beneficial to tell each other about our personal events and experiences of this past year and the changes that have taken place in the three communities. “It was a gentle and very useful gathering,” said Herman Falke after it was all over. It is good to know that normally Herman Falke is not so effusive about meetings and assemblies. May be at age 90 he is turning a new leaf.

On Tuesday evening, the community gathered for Eucharist and then at a local restaurant to celebrate the anniversaries of religious life IMG-20181002-WA0014and ordination. Jim Casper and John van den Hengel have completed 60 years, Peter McKenna 40 years and Paul Tennyson 25 years of religious life while Aegidius Warsito and Yuliwan Maslim remembered their 25 years of ordination.

It was a colourful gathering. The Toronto community has a decided Canadian minority of two: Jim Casper and Peter McKenna. It also counts Aegi Warsito and Yuliwan Maslim, our Indonesian pair, Willyans Prado Raposo and Antonio Maria Pereira Resende, our South Brazilian component, Martin Antonio Kadamattu from India, and two Vietnamese: John Dinh Thé Hung and Vincent Do Van Thoan. In Montréal the balance Canadian  and those from “away” is also almost 50 %. This presence of confreres from other entities has reshaped the life of the Region. It made the assembly a wonderful experience.



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Le père Richard reçoit uneMédaille

WOODBURY Médaille de l'Assemblée Nationale 2Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, 24 septembre 2018 – Le député sortant d’Argenteuil, M. Yves St-Denis, a remis au père Richard Woodbury une Médaille de l’Assemblée nationale. En effet, les députés ont le privilège de pouvoir remettre cette distinction à des gens de leur comté qui se démarquent par leur implication sociale hors du commun. Sur la Médaille, on pouvait lire : « plus de 50 années d’implication au service de la jeunesse étudiante du Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur à Pointe-au-Chêne. MERCI ! »
La remise de la Médaille s’est faite au Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur (SSC) devant les élèves et le personnel de l’école. À l’occasion de son discours de remerciement, le père Richard a tenu à souligner qu’il s’agit d’un honneur qui rejaillit sur toute l’équipe et qui témoigne de cette conviction profonde de l’importance d’aborder l’éducation avec un coeur et un esprit ouverts.
Mentionnons également que le 4 septembre dernier marquait le 60e anniversaire de l’arrivée du père Richard au Séminaire à titre d’étudiant. Depuis, il y a occupé plusieurs fonctions, dont celles d’enseignant et de directeur. Aujourd’hui, le père Richard habite toujours au Séminaire et, bien qu’il se consacre essentiellement à son travail de prêtre dans la région, il continue d’inspirer les élèves et le personnel de l’école par sa sagesse et son dévouement envers les jeunes de la région. Bref, il s’agissait d’un honneur bien mérité pour le père Richard Woodbury.

On September 24, 2018, M. Yves St-Denis, the member of the National Assembly for Argenteuil, presented Fr. Richard Woodbury a Medal of the National Assembly. The membershave the privilege of awarding this distinction to people in their riding who through their involvement have made an exceptional contribution to their area. On the Medal one can read: “More than 50 years of distinguished service to the students of the Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur at Pointe-au-Chêne. MERCI !” The medal was presented at an assembly of all the students. In his words of thanks, Fr. Richard recalled that he had registered as a student at the Séminaire 60 years ago.

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New arrivals in the Region


20180814_163827 (002)

Fr. Paulin Makiala arrives in Ottawa

On August 7 Fr. Gustave Lulendo, returning to Canada from the Congo, was accompanied by Fr. Paulin Makiala who will be studying Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. His coming had been prepared for more than two years but each time Canadian Immigration found reason for blocking his entry. Finally, earlier this year, his application for a student visa was accepted. He arrived in Ottawa on August 12.





On the same day, two other new confreres arrived in Toronto to begin a pastoral year at St Thomas More parish. Both are in temporary vows. Here they are being greeted at the Toronto airport: IMG_1136 (002)

They are

image001Birthday: February 02, 1987
Birthplace: Xuân Trường, Nam Định
Bùi Chu Diocese
1st Profession: June 28, 2016

Birthday: October 15, 1988
Birthplace: Đồng Nai
Xuân Lộc Diocese
1st Profession: June 28, 2016
Email: dinhthehung355@gmail.com

Because of the construction at the parish rectory, for the time being they will be living at our house at 58 High Park Blvd.

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