150th anniversary of Fr. Dehon’s ordination

On December 19 it was the 150th anniversary of the ordination of Fr. Dehon. Here is a brief reflection that came from the community of Rome who remembered this day by celebrating a Eucharist at St. John Lateran, where Fr. Dehon was ordained 150 years ago. Our Founder left us some memories of this day.

phoca_thumb_m_dehongiovanesacerdote[1]“The feelings on the occasion of the ordination are hard to put into words. I stood upright as a priest, possessed by Jesus, truly filled with him, with his love for the Father, with his care for souls, with his spirit of prayer and oblation.” (NHV 6/85)

On December 20 when he celebrated his first mass in the Santa Chiara seminary, he recalled: “The emotion was general. When my father and my mother knelt for communion no one could resist their tears. As to me, I was entranced with love for our Lord and full of contempt for my poor self. It was the best day of my life.” (NHV 6/86) These words expressed so many of my feelings: love, emotions, lively thanksgiving for God for so many gifts. Days of thanksgiving and happiness.

During the retreat before the ordination, he wrote: “The Lord wanted to prepare me himself by giving me an abundance of gifts. He must have had in mind my current mission. Today I can see it clearly. He gave me so generously the spirit of love and reparation which are at the heart of my vocation.” (NHV 6/82)

The celebration of the 150th anniversary took place at the Pontificio Seminario Francese di Santa Chiara, where Fr. Dehon studied prior to his ordination to the priesthood.

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